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Download your history

Upload your Chrome browser history.

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Get paid in Datacoin

Once your history is received you get paid with Datacoins.

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Full Ethereum node

Blockchain security


Total circulation is 3 billion

First Issue

First issue is via Sellin




It starts with users

Users get paid in Datacoin

Mark Wilson – Platinum
Mark uploads new browser history daily and gets 1 Datacoin per day.

Catherine – Gold
Catherine uploads weekly and gets 1 Datacoin for each day that has new history.

Jessie Ca – Silver
Jessie uplaods monthly and gets paid 1 Datacoin for each day that has new history.

John Berti
John does a once off history upload and gets paid 90 Datacoins for his last 90 days of history.

Companies buy the data

Companies that want to view your history need to buy Datacoins from the Poloneix exchange.

For social media campaigns

Social Media Management


For market survery



For target selling

Marketing Communication


Fiat Money

Users sell their Datacoins on the Poloniex Crypto exchange.

Datacoin Storage

Your Datacoins can be stored on this site in your user account or….Metamask


Your Datacoins can be transferred to your own MetaMask wallet.



What can I buy with Datacoins?

Datacoins will be traded on the Poloniex exchange soon.

Try something new it is exciting!